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Essential Oils 101

Have you been hearing a lot about oils these days? 

In case you were wondering, NO they are not a new fad…plants have been here longer than you & I have been. Ever smell a rose, or peppermint leaf? Then, you have had a basic essential oil experience.  Essential oils have a big role on the planet and have played one for millennium, they are very supportive to our health both physically and emotionally when they are pure and used properly.

​Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the plant kingdom. The oils are found in different parts of different plants; some examples where the oils are found are in the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots & bark. The oils are very volatile and and must be carefully extracted from the plants using steam distillation or a cold pressing method depending on the plant.

  • Essential oils are gifts of the earth and they are actually natures remedy secrets. Everything we need to cultivate wellness in our lives has been provided to us in nature.

  • Essential oils have powerful life-enhancing properties that support the plant to heal itself and they have the ability to do the same for humans and animals 

  • Essential oils don’t just manage symptoms, they go a lot deeper than that to work on the root cause of the problem at a cellular level in a very safe, fast and effective manner.

  • Essential oils are 50-70x’s more concentrated than their herbal counterparts one drop of peppermint essential oil is as potent as 28 cups of peppermint tea! 

  • They can be used aromatically, topically and many of doTERRA's oils can be taken internally (we have education, science and safety protocols to follow) . The molecules of essential oils are so small that when we inhale them, they enter our blood steam - the same happens when we apply them topically. Essential oils are also mood enhancing, anti-aging and are NOT physiologically habit forming, and unlike harsh synthetic and man made options, pure high quality CPTG essential oils don’t create side effects. 

  • You can actually address over 80% of all common health concerns using essential oils at home. Think about the impact that can have on the way we care for ourselves and our families! 

So, as you can see, essential oils can benefit anyone and would be put to good use in any household.

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When you set up either kind of account with us, you will be completely supported on your journey and have the opportunity to learn how to use your essential oils from the best educators in the industry. Not only that, you can expect a few fun gifts from us too!

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