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Meet Julez

A purist at heart: Health Coach Julez Weinberg loves items that are homegrown and scratch made. She is referred to lovingly as the "Kitchen Magician” by her wife Meredith. Julez loves making something wonderful and delicious out of seemingly ordinary or even boring ingredients.

She appreciates the process of creation, especially when it comes to food and drink. Julez doesn't like to be overstimulated by synthetic and contrived flavors or lackluster processed ingredients. She's interested in the taste of real fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, roots, and herbs, her passion lies in reintroducing these magical ingredients into the kitchen of her clients.

Julez is part of a growing movement that encourages the use of ingredients in their purest forms, and hand concocting as much of what we put into our bodies as possible. She's a farm-to-table, pier-to-plate, locavore, slow food, organic, non-GMO, artisan, curated, craft cocktail kind of girl.

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The Essential Mixologist 

A book about embracing the art of mixology and the simplicity of sharing not just a cocktail with friends, but rather a medicinal cocktail with friends.


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The Essential Foodie 

Full of tapas style food recipes infused with essential oils, helping you share the versatility of oils with others. 


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